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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

War was the only choice they were given.

Due to recent events, the objective of Pururut’s quest in another world had become obvious. The one she needed to bring back home was none other than Peashy. Unfortunately, the formation of Eden has complicated the matter. Refusing to give in to their demands, Eden declared war on the world. While a direct assault was led on Planeptune, the other nations found chaos erupting around themselves. At the center of all this, Neptune lost her will to fight. Going to war with Peashy was just impossible. Unfortunately, as a goddess she has a duty to her people. Encouraged to perform her role by Noire and Pururut, Neptune was able to stand up once more. However, she’ll be confronting Peashy in her own unique way. Even if Peashy can no longer recognize her, she won’t let her go until this conflict is over. Meanwhile, Noire and Pururut infiltrated Eden. Upon apprehending Anonydeath and Rei, the source of Peashy’s unlimited power was cut off. With her power source destroyed, Gamindustri finally had a moment to breathe.

In the aftermath of the war with Eden, the world soon returned to normal. The influence Eden had vanished as quickly as it came. Nonetheless, not everything will be the same again. Even after taking quite the beating, Neptune was unable to get Peashy to remember her. It would seem all their cherished memories were forever gone. Moreover, Peashy and Pururut’s time to return home had come. Before their world fell into chaos, Peashy needed to be returned to her rightful place. Sent off with smiles from all the friends she made, it appeared she would never remember them. However, just as they’re transported back home, Peashy calls out to Neptune. Not everything was lost, yet Neptune can only stand there clinging onto hope. Will she one day reunite with her friend? Anyhow, the war is over. Enjoy saving the world from the exportation of lewd materials!


OP: It may be episode 10, but it’s never too late for a new opening.


Episode 10:




Preview: While I don’t normally take images from the preview, these had to be included.




Click here for the 10th webm collection.


We’re not done yet. Just who was the mastermind behind this whole operation? Find out next time here at, Anime Solution!

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Yumiko (@guest_2481)
4 years ago

One of the main allures of this franchise is the girls, and they never seem to disappoint. There’s plenty of service whether you’re watching the anime or playing the game. It’s honestly what caught my eye a few years back.

Boner ReachSky
Boner ReachSky (@guest_2480)
4 years ago

Nice work!! Didn’t know that this show had some nice service too (^^)/