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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Why the rush?

After walking for what seemed like a million miles, Golem and Somali have arrived at the next city. Before crossing a vast desert, Anthole City is a sight for weary eyes. Now, the name of this city isn’t just for show. A vast network of streets can be found here. As such, getting lost or bumping into trouble is almost assured. While Golem looked to secure funds for continuing their journey, Somali’s curious side took over. Although nothing bad happened, she had a run in with a shady figure. Thinking nothing of it, Somali ran back to her father’s side. It was time for food, although a great opportunity awaited them at their restaurant of choice. In order to secure sufficient funds and information for their journey, Golem became a waiter. During his working hours, Somali played with the owner’s son, Kikila. Unfortunately, there’s only so much one can do indoors. As Somali is forbidden from leaving Golem’s side, she can not go outside to play around the city. In turn, Somali has begun to grow concern with Golem’s rush to end their journey. Is he just trying to get rid of her? The following day, Kikila and his father were able to convince Golem to give Somali a little bit of freedom. Sent out on an errand for the restaurant, Kikila and Somali promised to return before sunset. Obtaining what they needed was swiftly done, yet Somali was brought to tear after they took a break. Upon explaining how she never wants to be apart from her father, Kikila knew just the way to cheer her up. Beneath Anthole City lies a vast cavern unlike anything above it. It may be controlled by the underground creatures, but there awaits a flower that grants wishes. Sadly, their journey below doesn’t go quite as planned. Not only is Somali suddenly attacked, the shady figure she first bumped into followed them.

Will she ever see the sunlight again? Well, our journey has only just begun, so what’s the worst that could happen? Kikila did promise to protect Somali. Let’s just hope he can follow through with his word. Moreover, Golem’s job was able to award him more than just money. He’s been given a tip on where potential humans could be located. Crossing this desert will take everything he’s got, but it’s worth it all for Somali. Anyhow, what does Somali’s stalker seek? Enjoy the lights beneath Anthole City!





Click here for the 3rd webm collection.


DAD?! We’re in trouble, but this surely won’t be the end. Find out how they get out of this situation next time.

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Yumiko (@guest_2483)
4 years ago

She has quite the problem on her hands, indeed. I’m sure she’ll be fine, though a save from her father would be nice.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2482)
4 years ago

Somali!!!! YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!!