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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

He’s only got three days left.

As everyone finally has a moment to breathe, Rico learns the full details that comes with returning Cinque home. There are four conditions that must be met. Two of the conditions were within reason. The original summoner must perform the return ritual, and it must be within 16 days of being summoned. However, the other two conditions broke Rico’s heart. Once a hero is returned home, they can bring nothing back nor ever return. This means even the memories Cinque made will vanish. After informing Cinque of what’s to come, he made Rico promise not to tell the others. A teary sendoff is not something he desires. Instead, he’ll make every last moment count. Spending time with all those he’s met is the only way to end things. Even as they hold a party just for him on his final day, Cinque reassures them. This will not be his last day in Flonyard. If they ever need a hero, he’ll once again answer their call.

Despite Cinque being okay with the return conditions, Rico is not. She’s returned to the academy in search of a way to make this a happy ending. There must be someway for Cinque to return to Flonyard one day. Even if it means burying herself in books till the final second, Rico seeks the impossible route. Moreover, we’ve only got one more episode to go. Cinque is without a doubt going back home, but not everyone has gotten everything off their chest. There’s a few promising words left to be said. Anyhow, the good times never last. Enjoy another accidental bath with the princess!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


It’s time we head home. Join us for the conclusion next time!

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