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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

This is a no running zone.

The journey between cities can be quite long, and that means Somali can get reckless. A sudden fall led to a scraped knee. While this would normally be no big deal, Golem can do little to stop the bleeding. Fortunately, a curious oni came to their aid. Shizuno, a dwarf oni, couldn’t help observe the strange pairing from afar. It’s not often one see a golem traveling around, after all. Nonetheless, this oni has just the stuff to help patch up Somali. Field treatment can only take one so far, though. Invited back to his home, Somali is given proper care for her wound. It’s also here where they learn just who Shizuno is. Accompanied by his assistant, Yabashira, these oni are renowned for their work in medicine. After learning that fact, Golem wished to study from Shizuno. In order to further protect Somali, he’s willing to stop and learn for a day. In exchange for Shizuno’s teachings, he’s been gifted a piece of Golem. The sight of this exchange startled Somali, although this is all for her future. While Golem was taught by Shizuno, Somali helped out around the house with Yabashira. Working her little heart out, she desired to put less of a burden on her father. After all, Golem is her world. Still, Golem’s time continues to tick down. After spending a day with Shizuno and Yabashira, they’re right back on the road for the next city.

This may have been another straight forward episode, but the agency to find a permanent home for Somali is real. While Somali got some much needed rest, Golem discussed his time limit with Shizuno and Yabashira. Giving up a fragment of himself was of little consequence. He only has a year and 112 days before he expires. During that time, he plans to spend every moment finding a home for his daughter. Despite that, they’ve pointed out that Somali is quite happy with how things are currently. She may be none the wiser about her father’s current predicament, yet it’s only a matter of time before she finds out. How will Somali fare once she knows her guardian will one day disappear? Anyhow, the search for humans goes on. Enjoy a night with demons!





Click here for the 2nd webm collection.


He’ll surely make it in time, right? The journey continues here next Friday.

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