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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Where have all the humans gone?

Long ago, the humans and demihumans lived in separate lands. Unaware of one another, they lived in relative peace. However, that all changed when one man discovered a village of demihumans. At first, the demihumans extended an olive branch out to their visitors. Unfortunately, as more humans encroached upon their lands, fear and misunderstandings grew among them. Soon war broke out, though the humans fled as quickly as they came. Hunted, enslaved, or eaten, the sight of humans is a rarity these days. Even among the demihumans, their memories of humans have begun to fade.

Within the lands controlled by demihumans, the forests are maintained by golems. Emotionless beings born from the land, they work tirelessly for a thousand years before returning to the very land that spawned them. As his days began to draw to a close, Golem made a unexpected discovery within his forest. A young human girl lost without anyone to care for calls out to him. From that moment their relationship as father and daughter started. Leaving the woodlands behind, Golem departs with Somali on a dangerous adventure. Before his time is up, they seek out a place where Somali can belong.

We’ve got a simple plot, though a long journey ahead. In a land where nearly all the humans are gone, Golem seeks to find a home for his human daughter, Somali. Speaking of Somali, she’s not going to make this an easy adventure. Being as young as she is, she’s prone to wondering off easily. Leaving Golem’s side is especially dangerous in this world, and a glimpse of that was shown during this episode. Some demihumans haven’t forgotten the smell of human meat. Fortunately, her father is never far behind. Holding hands will be more common from now on. Anyhow, the search for humans goes on. Enjoy an introduction to a breathtaking world!




Episode 1:






Click here for the 1st webm collection.


This adventure has only just begun. Join us for another one next week.

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