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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Give Cocona back!

Diving into Pure Illusion for one last adventure, Papika and Yayaka confront “Mimi”. They’ve come for their beloved friend, though Mimi won’t let them get close to her daughter. No matter what they say, Mimi only believes she can protect Cocona. Her daughter has no need for freewill under her loving guidance. Nonetheless, Papika and Yayaka are not returning without their friend. As they battle through every Pure Illusion they’ve conquered, Cocona watches from afar. Even as her friends fall and rise continually, she merely stands and watches. Lacking the courage to push forward, an image of Cocona’s true mother encourages her. Giving her the strength to reach out to her friends, Cocona regains control of her body. At the same time, Papika remembers the ultimate wish Mimi had for her daughter. Unlike the childhood she experienced, she wished above all else for her daughter to experience the freedom she never could. While “Mimi” continued to do everything in her power to stop their reunion, it was inevitable. Standing as one once more, Cocona and Papika prepare to take down “Mimi”.

This one was quite a trip down memory lane. Mimi’s ability to manipulate the world around her isn’t to be underestimated. However, some new transformations were able to aid our heroines. Between Yayaka joining in on the flip flapping fun, or Cocona and Papika donning a new appearance, they’ve got all they need for the final battle. Moreover, there’s another actor that’s yet to show up. Over on the side, Salt hasn’t given up. He’s still has a promise to keep with Mimi. Anyhow, can anything stand in the face of their friendship? Enjoy pure howling!


There goes her foot…




Click here for the 12th webm collection.


One more to go. Our long adventure shall soon come to an end.

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