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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

No amount of chains can hold her back.

Danichirou’s preparations are complete. The punishment Chihiro shall face is a simple one. A fencing duel will determine who is most fit to protect Rea, though there’s one big problem. Chihiro knows nothing about fighting. Meanwhile, Rea has finally made it back home. Awaiting her at the front door was a trap set by her father’s underlings. However, she came here on a mission. Breaking free from her bonds was only a matter of time. Rushing to Chihiro’s side, she made it right as the first blow landed. Unfortunately, her father is not one for games. All the sharp words Chihiro used to delay the match were dealt back to him in full. Right before Rea’s eyes, Chihiro was pierced by Danichirou’s saber. Fortunately, this will not be his end. A prior incident miraculously left him in a half-zombie state. He doesn’t feel a lick of pain and his heart is still beating.

Our zombie couple may finally be reunited, but that doesn’t mean Danichirou will simply back down. Through his eyes, he truly believe only he alone can protect Rea. Especially in her current state, what can Chihiro do for her? Sadly, Danichirou couldn’t be more wrong. In all the years he raised Rea, he never once listened to what she wanted. It was always just about him. During the short period she’s been beside Chihiro, Rea received the one thing she longed for. Although it may be short-lived, all she wanted was freedom. Opening Danichirou eyes to this fact wasn’t easy, but he’s come to accept it. Still, Chihiro doesn’t wish to completely push Danichirou away from his daughter. He knows there will be times where he won’t be able to provide for Rea. When those moments arise, he would like to be able to rely on his second father. An uneasy agreement between men was struck. While Danichirou searches abroad for a cure for Rea’s current predicament, Chihiro shall watch over.

Though all the aches and pains, Chihiro’s dream girl is secured. It only took being assaulted with a deadly weapon, but it was well worth it. A cute zombie nurse shall mend him back to health. Moreover, while this isn’t technically the final episode, this ends the major conflict of the season. The final episode won’t be anything major, though it’ll still provide a spectacular view just the same. Anyhow, Rea isn’t the only one interested in nursing Chihiro back to his feet. Enjoy fighting for love!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


One more till we close it out. Join us for a heartfelt sendoff next time!

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