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Nekopara OVA Media Review

by Yumiko

One can’t go wrong with vanilla.

His dream has become a reality. Kashou is out of his family home and into his very own bakery, Patisserie La Soleil. However, he wasn’t the only one to leave. Unknown to him, two of his pets have joined him. Chocola and Vanilla just can’t be away from their master. Ever since they were adopted into the Minaduki family, they’ve loved him from the bottom of their hearts. While he’s a bit reluctant to have them, it’s not easy opening a bakery alone. They’ve been allowed to stay, though they have a long way to go. Between gaining their independence, learning to be a perfect maid, and pleasing their master, these girls have a bright future ahead.

This OVA is mainly an introduction to Nekopara. I’m unsure how the upcoming anime will handle the content displayed in this OVA, so I won’t dive too heavy into this one yet. Nonetheless, this show is quite basic. Kashou, your self-insert, is leading a bakery with the aid of his harem of catgirls. Azuki, Chocola, Cinnamon, Coconut, Maple, and Vanilla are all competing for their master’s love. They are also accompanied by Kashou’s little sister, Shigure. She’s more of a mother figure, but she can still show affection towards her onii-chan. Anyhow, are you ready for an entire season of catgirls? Enjoy a large taste of things to come!








Click here for the webm collection.


I’m sure you know what this means. Stay tuned for an entire season of Nekopara!

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