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Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Has anyone seen Alice?

The arrival of Emperor Vector’s “beta testers” caused havoc across the battlefield. It didn’t matter if they were with the Dark Territory or Human Empire, they had simply come for blood and glory. While Emperor Vector observed from above, Iskahn was forced to watch his people be slaughtered. This was not the war he was promised. However, he will stand idle no longer. Crushing the seal of the right eye allowed for a loophole in the emperor’s orders. Taking advantage of the moment, he dashed to Asuna’s side to form a temporary alliance. If she would form a bridge for his people, then they could stand as one against the endless sea of red invaders. Though they may be foes, there are bigger issues at hand. Meanwhile, Alice attempted to do everything on her own, and paid dearly for it. Swooping in from above, Emperor Vector snatched Alice away. After rendering her unconscious, he’s headed directly for World’s End Altar. Fortunately, Bercouli was immediately on his tail. As a race in the sky takes place, Asuna is informed of Alice’s situation. She’ll be taking what’s left of the Human Empire’s forces and joining the chase. Sheyta, Iskahn, and those behind him will hold the line.

Back on the Ocean Turtle, Gabriel’s team continues to keep themselves busy. They plan on backing up Gabriel with everything they’ve got. After taking note of the large force trailing Gabriel, another batch of “beta testers” were being gathered for a second wave. Additionally, that’s not the only thing they’ll be sending in. Vassago plans to dive in for a second go, though this time on his real account. As the final remaining member of Laughing Coffin, he’ll always remember certain faces. If Asuna is on the battlefield, then Kirito can’t be far. Meanwhile in Underworld, Asuna’s group found themselves suddenly surrounded. The second wave had arrived, but so had reinforcements for the Human Empire. Raining down fire from above, Sinon obliterated the second wave in a flash.

This really isn’t an end, but War of Underworld will be on pause until April. We’ve still got 11 episodes to go, so look forward to many battles to come. Moreover, just like the first half, I’ll be refraining from giving out a score. It won’t be much longer until the entity of Alicization is animated. Still, I will say this quarter has been a fun one. If the battles can hold the current standard, then we may be in for some great stuff come spring. Anyhow, another goddess descends from the sky. Enjoy a break from the war!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


Only one more cour to go. We’ll be back with more come April.

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Custom (@guest_2531)
4 years ago

Of course, I noticed some of those titles are being scheduled to return in April along with SAO.

Yumiko (@guest_2530)
4 years ago

2020 in general looks to be promising year. SAO and a handful of other titles shall be making their return here.

Custom (@guest_2529)
4 years ago

And the wait is on for spring 2020. At least, we can rest a bit after the chaos that happened in Part 1 of the second half of Alicization.