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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

She’ll show them all!

Mule’s spell has pulled Melida and friends before her accusers. In front of the nobles of Flandore, Melida’s supposed crimes are put on full display. Thirteen years of deception demands justice, although neither side had solid proof. Being a samurai or a late bloomer doesn’t necessarily make her an illegitimate child. Only her actions can prove or disprove those against her. A challenge against one of equal standing was presented. Against Salacha, Melida makes the entire crowd tremble in fear. If their accusations turned out to be false, then they could face treason. Before matters got any further out of hand, Serge pulled the plug on the whole operation. While confusion and panic ensued, his fall-man took the stage. The man that claimed to be Melida’s father shall be her final obstacle. However, she doesn’t take this fight alone. Arriving just in the nick of time, Kufa and Melida sync up for one last dance. Their opponent never stood a chance.

In the aftermath, a rogue member of Crest Legion takes the fall for everything. Serge keeps his hands clean, and House Angel is able to keep up appearances. Still, there was one positive outcome out of all this. Melida’s father, Felgus, has come to recognize his daughter. She may be no paladin, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t his daughter. He’ll continue to look forward to her progress, and he’s left the future in Kufa’s hands. Moreover, Melida’s reward from Kufa hasn’t been forgotten. Her request isn’t something that can accomplished in the moment, but something she’ll continue to stride for. One day, Kufa will be the one protected by her. It was at this moment Kufa knew, he had made the correct decision with putting everything on the line.

While we’re given a pleasing send off, it doesn’t excuse everything that came before. Let’s start with the story. From the beginning, EMT butchered this adaptation. They rushed out the gate, cut everything that wasn’t focused upon Melida, skipped an entire novel, practically off-screened the friendship, then fell flat in the end. It’s difficult to say anything positive about the story presented here. In spite of that, the source material does hold up well. The premise alone draws eyes. Who doesn’t enjoy a tale of humanity’s last stand shrouded in a world of darkness? Well, apparently those at EMT don’t. Everyone in charge there has clearly shown they just wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. Furthermore, outside of Melida versus Nerva, I can’t highlight any notable animation. Every fight was nearly forgettable, and let’s not even start with the declining art quality. It’s a miracle this show didn’t have any delays. Now, there’s one last thing I can’t forgive them for. Take a minute and look up some of the illustrations from the source, then look at this anime. You’ll quickly realize they cut 90% of the fan service. On top of that, they’re clearly aware of it too… You’ll just have to buy the blu-rays for their bonus art.

Unless you’re all about flat pride, then this show will unfortunately be quickly forgotten. Initially, I had high hopes for Assassins Pride, but those behind it had other plans. It pains me to do this, though it has to be done. This one will be 4/10 from me. Even with all that said, this show is watchable by all means. Just don’t expect a lot. Anyhow, it’s time to wrap it up. Enjoy one last day with Melida!





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