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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 114

by Yumiko

Has anyone seen her Meal-Saving “Prince”?

Yuno along with a group of magic knights have arrived on scene. Upon joining the Black Bulls outside the Shadow Palace, the last of the Golden Dawn elves were dealt with. A moment to recharge was given thanks to Charmy’s magic, though Yuno only has eyes on the endgame. Even though the entrance into the Shadow Palace was closed, he still had a ticket inside. The necklace he’s carried since birth opened a path forward. However, he won’t be going in alone. Charmy can’t let her prince leave without a proper meal. Unfortunately, those that enter the Shadow Palace are always split apart. While Yuno was taken to the top, Charmy dropped in on Asta and Mimosa confrontation against Lira. Similar to his human half, Lira just can’t seem to paint the perfect piece. His growing frustration earned him a meal from Charmy, although no elf will accept food from a human. Tossing her food aside and knocking her down is a move he’ll forever regret. Charmy isn’t your ordinary human girl. Unknown to even her, she’s half dwarf. Her new found power was able to rival Lira in strength. Asta and Mimosa won’t be needed in this battle. Meanwhile, Yuno squared off against Patry, Raia, and Ronne. Though they may all share a similar appearance, they only cared for obtaining the final magic stone off Yuno. Ronne’s switching magic made that an easy task, but what came next surprised everyone in the room. Ronne isn’t who he appears to be. Before Raia could finish his statement, Ronne pierced a hole through his abdomen.

We’ve got two big happenings this week. First, let’s take a closer look at Charmy. Coming as a surprise to even herself, Charmy is half-dwarf. What this ultimately means is we may see more than elves in the future. Additionally, it should be noted that half-breeds may have two magic attributes. As we’ve seen for some time now, Charmy has quite the arsenal when it comes to magic. Furthermore, the last magic stone exchanged hands, though not to elven hands. If you’ve been paying attention to the newest opening, then you’ll likely know what’s coming. A dark and sinister smile was found upon Ronne’s face. Anyhow, we’ve got one more before a small break. Enjoy a unexpected devilish grin!





Click here for the 114th webm collection.


The face behind everything shall soon be revealed. Join us for a monumental moment next Tuesday!

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