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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

The walls are closing in around her.

Elise and Melida have been given a special invitation. Due to their mysterious selection in the Luna Lumiere tournament, the headmistress believes their attendance in the end of the year exam shall put all rumors to bed. Normally, the Vibria Goat Librarian Certification Exam is for second year or third year students, but House Angel needs to prove their worth. Even if they fail, a good showing will at least hush some mouths. Meanwhile, a secret meeting among nobles took place. A plot to take down House Angel and expose Melida was led by Salacha’s brother, Serge Schicksal. Mule’s mana collection during the Luna Lumiere tournament gave them all the evidence they needed to act. They know Melida is no paladin. However, they must be careful. In order to convince the public without any backlash, Salacha and Mule will secretly record Melida’s feats throughout the exam period.

The day before the exam, a masked man claiming to be Melida’s father showed up at St. Friedeswiede. What Kufa had warned Melida from the beginning had come to past. Numerous players behind the scene are moving against her, and only her merits will prove them otherwise. The following day, Elise and Melida took their descent into the Labyrinth Library along with their classmates. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it far before being attacked. Separated from everyone else, the two ladies of House Angel find them selves battling the guardians of the library and fending off the unknown. Back on the top side, Melida’s father arrived to withdraw his daughter from school. After being made aware of recent incidents, he knows it’s only a matter of time before House Angel comes under attack. Sadly, his arrival came far too late. Melida had already begun her exam, though further bad news greeted him. A letter by Guild Grimfice has implicated them in the matter. Elise and Melida are not only being watched, but are also under the threat of death. Anyhow, their time to complete the exam has begun to trickle down. Enjoy the beginning of the end!





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