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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

No one will ever hurt Cocona again.

Taking control of Cocona’s body was only just the beginning. Mimi has ensured that her daughter’s enemies no longer breathe. Bending the line between reality and Pure Illusion, Asclepius has fallen. With no one left to threaten her child, Mimi made a brave declaration. Pure Illusion is a world only for Cocona. Returning to the scene where everything began, Salt confronts Mimi. He may have failed Mimi in the past, though he hasn’t forgotten his promise to her. Stopping “Mimi” and saving Cocona is all that he has left. Ultimately, Salt is unable to pull the trigger on Mimi. Even Papika can no longer reach Cocona. Still, Salt has a promise to keep. Casting off the last of his pride, he’s asked Yayaka for help. In order to save Cocona, she’s been given an amorphous fragment. This last fragment is their only hope of not just saving Cocona, but the entire world. Mimi has begun to bend the line across the globe. Regardless of Mimi’s actions, Yayaka can not do this alone. Papika has been rallied to her side for one last adventure to save a friend.

Let’s look back to the past once more. Mimi, Papika, and Salt were able to grow up close. Officially their relationships were that of researcher and test subject. Although matters were a bit different behind closed doors. Mimi and Salt had fallen in love. However, that all changed when one experiment went wrong. After Salt’s father lost his mind, Mimi wanted to run away together. Sadly, Salt would not hear her out. Mimi and Papika were able to escape, yet it wouldn’t be long before they were captured. Upon their return, Salt realized his greatest error in life. Mimi returned with a baby in her arms. This time things would be different. He planned for all four of them to escape, though they never made it out. As punishment for their actions, Salt’s father took Cocona away from Mimi. That was something Mimi could not allow. Entering her own Pure Illusion, she let her other half take control to save Cocona. The results were disastrous, and Mimi could no longer maintain control. Before the lines between both sides blurred any further, she left a amorphous fragment of herself behind. Her final words and hope were entrusted to Salt. Anyhow, will they be able to stop Mimi in time? Enjoy an overbearing mother’s love!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


There’s not much left. Stick around for the epic conclusion!

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