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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 113

by Yumiko

Into the Shadow Palace!

The way may be open, though it will soon be closing. All the healing and restoration of mana in the world can’t possibly prepare them for what’s to come, but they have no choice. Fortunately, two unexpected reinforcements have arrived. Fuegoleon has waited long enough for this moment, and Mereoleona had enough recovery time. Unfortunately, not everyone can enter the Shadow Palace. There are still elves running amok all over the capital. While the majority stayed back to hold the rear, Asta, Fuegoleon, Noelle, Mereoleona, Mimosa, and Nozel headed into the Shadow Palace. Sadly, sticking together won’t be possible. Divided into several groups, everyone must face a member of the Apostles of Sephira to reach the top. Only then will this long night come to an end. Among those that have confronted their opponents, the Vermillion siblings have lit the palace on fire. Before the lion and lioness, two more apostles have fallen.

Did you remember the fugitives? Our proud magic knights weren’t the only ones to dive into the Shadow Palace. Gueldre and Revchi have made their way inside, though they’re not looking for a fight. There’s untold lost treasures to be plundered. Moreover, the way into the Shadow Palace isn’t completely closed yet. The final stone along with a few other crucial players are still on there way. Anyhow, the elves are being picked off one by one. Enjoy the fight to the top!





Click here for the 113th webm collection.


There’s a big reveal coming up soon. Be sure to check back in each Tuesday.

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