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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Her beauty lives on.

Chihiro may be in Danichirou’s clutches, but he needs time to prepare. Only a grand stage will do to correct Chihiro’s ways. In the meantime, a most wretched smell approached him. The lady of the Sanka household, Aria Sanka, had a bit too much to drink. Nonetheless, she’ll be using Chihiro for her own pleasure for all the noise he’s created. While she’s no zombie, there’s information to be extracted. Just how did the Sanka home fall into such a state? Before Aria was Danichirou’s wife and Rea’s step-mother, she was a handpicked maid. In fact, prior to Rea’s birth, all the maids were picked to be a potential partner for Danichirou. Unfortunately, not a single women ever caught Danichirou’s favor. Even Aria’s beauty and countless years of service never caught his eye. It was beginning to look as if Danichirou had zero interest in women. However, that all changed on one fateful day. During a social welfare event that invited in the surrounding community, he met the love of his life. A frail paraplegic girl comforted Danichirou after a upsetting match. Her beauty and purity was truly unique. So much so, that he proposed to her only a few days later. Not even his family could stop him, he had found his other half. Sadly their happy days would not last. After giving birth to Rea, Danichirou’s first wife did not make it off the table. Devastated upon her death, Danichirou began to lose his will to live. Aria remained by his side during this period, yet she wasn’t the one to truly pull him back together. As Rea began to grow, the beauty he lost was right before him. Believing Rea needed a mother growing up, Danichirou only married Aria for her potential role in Rea’s growth. He never once laid a single finger upon her. Still, Aria held on. Just maybe one day her husband would come around to see her as a women. Eventually, Aria would come to learn the truth behind Danichirou’s growing obsession with Rea. It was at this point she no longer cared, and the bottle was the only thing that could comfort her.

An over obsessed father and a cold distant step-mother, it’s no wonder Rea was sneaking out at every possible chance. She may have had the world’s riches at her fingertips, but living in that home was a nightmare. Furthermore, reminiscing about the past can only be done for so long. Danichirou has called in Chihiro for his punishment. Rea’s father is thankful for all he’s done. This predicament has grown his love towards Rea to greater heights. Nevertheless, he can no let Chihiro’s actions go. If he wants to stand beside Rea in the future, then he’ll have to put his life on the line. Moreover, Rea is making her way back home. She won’t let her father win this day without a fight. Anyhow, he’s only invested in zombie girls. Enjoy another shot on Aria’s behalf!





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Will she make it in time? We’ve got a duel on our hands next time.

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