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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Some pacts can never be broken.

Melida’s fright was only temporary. Even if the whole world rejected her Sensei, she will not. Kufa’s true-self will remain a secret with her till the grave. However, words alone weren’t enough for Melida. Another kiss between student and teacher has made this pact permanent. In exchange for Melida’s loyalty, Kufa told her everything that took place in the past. Seven years ago, Marquis and a grand lord of the night world struck a bargain. Their experiments warped the very land upon which Shangarta sits upon. At the height of their meddling, an accident occurred that saw every orphan of Shangarta slain. Among these orphans were Kufa and Rose. Although Kufa would not let this day end in tragedy. In order to save Rose, he turned her into one of his kin. Next, he directed his anger upon Naqua. Together with the leader of White Night, the lycanthrope that destroyed his family was defeated. Still, things would never be the same. Saving Rose meant she would forever thirst for blood. A normal life was only possible by erasing her memories. A pact between Kufa and his new guild was made on this day. Sacrificing his own happiness, Rose was allowed to live freely in the light. Nonetheless, somehow his spell has begone to wane. Somehow Naqua did not fall on that fateful day.

Seven years have gone, yet Marquis and Naqua never stopped working together. Their new plan had Rose as the center piece. A personal army was their end game with Rose’s body. Her father’s whole push for marriage was only a disguise. Fortunately, their plan will never come to past. Due to Kufa and Rose’s strong connection, he can not directly confront her, though Melida can. Before anyone could say their vows, Melida exposed everything before the people of Shangarta. A fight at the altar forced Naqua out of hiding. Naqua was quick to escape, but thing won’t end like seven years ago. Kufa and Rose have ensured that every last piece of him was destroyed. Still, one problem remained. Rose’s memories were fully intact. Once more Kufa would be forced to seal her memories. Their time of living together can only be a dream.

Just why did a human work with a lycanthrope? It turns out everything Marquis did was for his wife, Carmilla. In order to save her, he worked with Naqua. Additionally, her transformation into a lycanthrope was only halted by Naqua’s power. The death of Naqua meant soon his wife would be beyond saving, though Kufa has a debt to repay. When he first arrived in Flandore, everyone except Marquis abused Kufa and his mother. When his mother eventually passed on, Marquis looked after Kufa. Those small acts of kindness have finally been repaid. Carmilla was given a drug to completely reverse her transformation. Carmilla’s restoration was all he ever wanted, thus he has turned himself in for all his misdeeds. Furthermore, everything has gone back to normal. Rose’s memories may be a bit fuzzy, but her days of living in the light shall continue uninterrupted. Anyhow, the storm has ended. Enjoy the train ride back home!


I’m taking a point off for this. Just show the kiss already!




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Ready for one more? Join us for the start of the final arc next time.

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