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Azur Lane T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Welcome to Azur Lane, prisoner.

Javelin and Laffey were able to save Ayanami, but their actions came with consequences. Those that save the enemy must be punished. Fortunately, all they must do is show Ayanami a good time. Unlike their initial meet, things will be different. Even though they may be from opposing factions, the girls in this port aren’t that different. Ayanami has come to learn this, and the friendship Javelin and Laffey were looking for has come to fruition. Moreover, those in command of Azur Lane have taken notice of the Black Mental Cube’s recent activity. Ever since Enterprise lost herself, there has been a notable connection between the cube and her. Furthermore, Project Orochi is still on the table for a few. Observer has convinced Kaga that the plan must go on to reunite with Akagi. However, those in charge of Sakura Empire have begun to feel doubt towards Project Orochi. Kaga’s words alone may not be enough anymore.

It should be noted that this episode was outsourced to Pine Jam. So, you’ll see that key frames were actually on target this week. It was a breath of fresh air to say the least. Moreover, aside from the few story bits, this episode heavily played into Azur Lane’s strengths. The biggest example of this was the scene between Ark Royal and Glowworm. If you’re unfamiliar with these two, well Ark Royal has a thing for cute little destroyers, and Glowworm loves to ram others. These interactions are a blessing in this action heavy show. As we’ve seen for weeks now, the action just isn’t holding together. Anyhow, how long we can we stay at port? Enjoy forming a friendship with the enemy!


Just a friendly reminder that Unicorn’s dress is see-through in most frames.

That’s some bunny magic. One pancake, one bite.




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