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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Could this be?!

While Neptune and Peashy had another falling out over pudding, there was a serious development happening on R-18 Island. A satellite picked up a image of major military artillery. This place is mostly known for its lewdness. Nonetheless, a investigation is in order. Only the goddesses with mature figures can go on this mission, though. There’s no telling what they’ll see on an island only for adults. Throughout their trip, they experience unforgettable memories. Pleasures of the flesh were among them, although they never lost sight of their mission. Upon finding their target location, it turned out to be a false-positive. Just bubbles were being blown from those barrels, yet something in the distance flashed before Noire. It shouldn’t be possible, but for a moment Anonydeath appeared. With the day winding down, the goddesses returned to Planeptune. Unfortunately, they were greeted to troubling news. Peashy will no longer be living with them. Her “mother” suddenly showed up and was gone in a flash.

Is the troubled child finally off their hands? Well, Neptune doesn’t wish for things to end like this. They left their relationship off on a fight, after all. Surely she’s still close by, right? Well, Peashy’s “mother” isn’t quite who she claims to be. Rei Kiseijou was assigned a mission by Anonydeath. While she was given little details, the tools to deceive Peashy worked perfectly. After Peashy’s mind was under her control, they left without even leaving an address. Neptune may be feeling crushed, but this isn’t the end of Peashy. A plot to stir the world is right around the corner. Anyhow, ready to see all your favorite goddesses in their swimsuits? Enjoy the pleasures of R-18 Island!


Just so we’re all clear, this episode has censorship. However, the censorship is apart of the show. These so called mysterious light beams are a running joke, but you can see under some of them. Regardless, there’s nothing major being obscured. Here’s an example and there’s another to follow.




Click here for the 8th webm collection.


They’ve yet to say good-bye. This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Peashy. Stay tuned for future updates!

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Yumiko (@guest_2577)
4 years ago

Gfycat is currently having problems. So, all the webms are down until further notice. Sorry, everyone.