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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 112

by Yumiko

No dream lasts forever.

Doors might be open, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get to leave without a fight. Aware of the Black Bulls countermeasure to Glamour World, Reve has stepped up her concentration. Their words alone will no longer be able to influence her thoughts. However, there’s more than one way to gain influence in this space. It may have just appeared as mere smoke, though a vague image of Dorothy has summoned a equal fighter into the dream world. While Dorothy and Reve let their dreams go wild, Asta’s Black form timed out. With no way of standing up to Drowa and Eclat left, Henry attempted to sacrifice himself for his friends. Nevertheless, Asta still has some juice left in him. He won’t allow a single one of his friends to fall on this day. Accepting defeat wasn’t easy, yet Drowa has come to realize the humans before him are not his enemy. The royals that killed his kin have long since passed. Moreover, the duel between Dorothy and Reve has cracked the dream world. As Reve falls, Asta expels another elf soul. Finally back together as one, the Black Bulls look towards the Shadow Palace.

The road ahead is clear. Everything will be handled inside the Shadow Palace. However, there’s a few matters to go over first. Several flashbacks were given to Henry during the last two episodes. These flashbacks may seem minor now, but his condition isn’t normal in the least. His mana draining “disease” should be remembered for the future. Additionally, Asta has used up everything he’s got. We haven’t even reached the final boss, so just what will he do? Guess we’ll need to break some limits later on. Anyhow, that’s two Apostles of Sephira down. Enjoy another meal before the endgame.





Click here for the 112th webm collection.


There’s only one road moving forward. Join us in the Shadow Palace next week!

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