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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Where in the world is Kufa-sensei?

Melida has awoken to a scene filled with blood. All the orphans under Marquis’ care were drained of their life force. This incident matched up perfectly with the case prior to their departure. While fingers were pointed towards Kufa, there was one problem. He was nowhere to be found. In order to find out the truth, Marquis ordered the town to find him. However, not everyone was so quick to follow in Marquis’ frenzy. Melida began an investigation of her own, though she won’t be working alone. Laque may be no friend, but she had a prior agreement with Kufa. If anything were to happen to him, she would watch over Melida. Together these two managed to gather information on several bizarre locations around Shangarta. Among them was a abandon cabin that was strictly off-limits to everyone. Unfortunately, beneath that cabin held unspeakable horrors. Before Laque and Melida’s eyes, they learned the truth behind Shangarta’s so called local disease. Someone has been performing experiments on humans with the night-gene factor. Every corpse they found were failed human transformations into lycanthrope. Just what is Marquis trying to hide at all these forbidden locations?

One truth might be uncovered, but the culprit behind the attacks remained at large. While observing the bodies beneath the cabin, Melida’s head was filled with a strange voice. Just like the incident back at school, this was a precursor to an impending attack. Rushing back into town, she found Elise unconscious and Rosetti dead. As Marquis carried his daughter’s corpse away, he ordered the search for Kufa to intensify. The citizens were no longer just going after Kufa. After learning about Melida’s connection to Kufa, they planned on using her as bait to lure him out. Fortunately, Melida was warned in time. Escaping to the first spot that Marquis labeled off-limits, she found a library filled with evidence. Marquis’ crimes were written before her, yet another surprise awaited. The voice of warning returned for a third time, but this time it called for her blood. Suddenly, Rosetti appeared donning a new appearance. The blue mana left at each scene was all over Rosetti. Nonetheless, the time for Kufa to resurface had come. In order to stop Rosetti, he was forced to show his true appearance before Melida. Much to Melida’s horror, she has found out another truth.

Quite a number of matters were revealed during this episode. It seems we’ve got a case of vampires on our hands. Between Kufa’s sudden arrival to Shangarta seven years ago, and a recorded experiment gone wrong during that period, the past can no longer be left in the dark. The very foundation of Shangarta shall soon be unraveled. Anyhow, everything now lies on Melida’s shoulders. Enjoy uncovering pieces of the truth!





Click here for the 8th webm collection.


This arc isn’t over yet. We’ve got a mystery to solve next time.

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