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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 22

by Yumiko

Is he a friend or foe?

The search for tungsten has begun. However, this journey required strength that only one villager could provide. Accompanying Chrome and Senkuu was a former adversary, Magma. He’s silently gone along with Senkuu’s leadership since his defeat, though this journey presents a unique opportunity. If an accident were to befall Senkuu, then the throne would be his for the taking. There’s no telling what could happen deep inside these unexplored caves. Unfortunately, an incident did occur. When the ground around Senkuu was collapsing, Magma shoved him, although things weren’t as they appeared. While they did end up falling, it turns out Magma’s heart isn’t completely black. He was trying to save Senkuu. Nonetheless, their time below was valued. They may be complete opposites, but they need one another to survive this mess and the future. With an understanding met, freedom was assured with Chrome’s aid. Free from mother nature’s grasp, their goal was just a bit further in. A mineral trove with everything they needed and more has been obtained.

Obtaining tungsten and friendship wasn’t the only thing to go down during this episode. Before their departure, Magma was told by Gen to return in three days. While the trio was out spelunking, everyone else was hard at work. A day that only happens once a year had arrived. A surprise birthday party greeted Senkuu upon his return. Not only that, Chrome’s Storehouse received an upgrade. They may not be able to take Senkuu to the stars, but they’ve built him the next best thing. An observatory was the village’s gift to their newest chief. Moreover, progress towards the cellphone shall pick up pace next time. We’re running out of time, so expect things to go fast. Anyhow, those were more than just rocks. Enjoy hulling back the motherlode!





Click here for the 22nd webm collection.


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