Azur Lane T.V. Media Review Episode 8

She’s still out there.

Due to Akagi and Enterprise’s actions, the battlefield has become warp. While both sides managed to regroup, matters appeared grim for one faction. Without their flagship, Akagi, and support from the mass produced Sirens, there was only one choice moving forward. Even if it comes as bad news to Kaga’s ears, they must retreat. There will be no time to look for Akagi. Moreover, Azur Lane won’t let them leave without a scratch. This is an opportunity they cannot give up. While the bulk of the opposing fleet headed back home, Ayanami, Shoukaku, and Zuikaku stayed behind to buy time. However, no one accounted for Enterprise’s sudden return. Still lost in her surge of power, she had come to utterly crush her enemies. Fortunately, Laffey and Javelin won’t allow that to happen. Before the worst could happen to Ayanami, they leapt into action. They’ve saved their reluctant friend, and finally opened Enterprise’s eyes.

Questions are finally starting to be asked from those within the Sakura Empire. Keeping so many in the dark just may come to haunt Akagi. Speaking of Akagi, she’s far from dead. The Sirens have ensured that this day will not be her end. She has a part yet to play, though she wasn’t the only one. Due to Enterprise’s actions, the Sirens completed their objective. The last Black Mental Cube was filled up. It’s only a matter of time before their super-ship hits the waves. Anyhow, the true enemy has begun to make their move. Enjoy a unbreakable friendship!





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