Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 8

Sacrifices must be made.

Alice’s devastating blow came as an unexpected surprise. While those within the Dark Territory struggled to comprehend the situation before them, one warrior still stood before Alice. The chief of the ogres, Furgr, made his intentions clear. He would not rest until he brought the “Priestess of Light” to Emperor Vector. The sole reason for this war was now clear, and Alice planned to use this information to her advantage. If Emperor Vector wants her, then he’ll have to chase after her. However, she won’t be riding out alone. Riding along with her will be 1/3rd of their forces. If this diversionary tactic is to work, it must be shown in numbers too. Unfortunately, the Dark Territory wasn’t sitting idly for their arrival. Dee Eye Ell was given another chance, although sacrifices were needed. Under the emperors orders, three-thousand orcs were broken down into resources for their dark mages. A long ranged spell that no sword or armor could block was launched towards the Human Empire. Death looked certain for Alice’s unit, yet one knight broke off to do the impossible. Eldrie’s failure to hold his side of the front line shall vanish to history. His noble sacrifice saved not only his mentor, but countless lives behind him. Consequently, Alice will not let her student’s sacrifice be in vain. Those that attacked Eldrie have met a fiery end.

There’s no stopping this bloodbath. Tears have been shed on both ends, and yet there’s many more to come. Until Emperor Vector gets what he came for, the war must go on. However, both sides are starting to lose key players. It won’t be much longer until a clash with Emperor Vector takes place. Moreover, there’s still one person missing from the battlefield. She’s taking her precious time, but it shouldn’t be much longer before lightning flashes down from the sky. Anyhow, will there be a third chance? Enjoy clearing out the remaining fodder!





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