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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

The future is never certain.

A fraction of Leo’s vision has come to past. Millhiore’s blood was spilled, and Leo was powerless to stop the demon before her. Still, Millhiore clung to life. When the demon kidnapped her for power, Cinque immediately gave chase. Aided by Éclair, they put everything on the line to save Princess Millhiore. While Cinque’s own blood began to be spilled, Millhiore learned the truth behind this demon. The mother of this demon was the first one to be absorbed. However, her cub wasn’t always like this. Long ago they were just peaceful fox deities. On one fateful day, a cursed sword fell from the sky and stabbed her cub. It was from that moment a monster was born. Regardless, the time to end her son’s suffering had come. A beheading was believed to be the only way, although Millhiore will not end this day in blood. Once Cinque was able to rescue her, they fought their way to the sword’s location. After countless years, the sword was removed by Cinque and destroyed by Leo.

Is it too early to celebrate? Millhiore’s life may be safe for now, but there’s still one major issue that’s unresolved. Just how will they send Cinque back home? It’s been non-stop problems since he’s arrived, and what little time he has left is ticking down. Nevertheless, we’ve still got to wrap up this mess. We’ll see the end of this fallout next time. Anyhow, the future has been changed. Enjoy another day of life!





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The day is won. Join us for three more in the future!

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Yumiko (@guest_2596)
4 years ago

Thank you once more, Justin.

Justin Ohara
Justin Ohara (@guest_2595)
4 years ago

Awesome job on review and images