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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 111

by Yumiko

Halt their advance!

The Black Bulls may be separated, but they haven’t lost any ground. Within Dorothy’s Glamour World, Charmy, Luck, Magna, Sally, and Vanessa face off against Reve. Anything is possible in this world for Reve, though it’s not totally one-sided. Sally was able to influence Reve’s dream just by shouting out her actions. As long as Reve’s listening, they can help spawn in objects to help break her spell. However, they won’t have forever. Those trapped within Glamour World will slowly find themselves falling asleep. If they close their eyes, then there’s no coming back from this fight. Meanwhile on the topside, Asta, Gordon, Grey, and Henry struggle with Drowa and Eclat. When these elves combine their magic, there’s hardly a moment open for attacks. Forcing Asta to go Black for the second time during this long night, it’s all or nothing if they wish to save Gauche and Marie.

Even captains can be slowed down. The Black Bull members aren’t the only ones being stalled from the final stage. Jack the Ripper and Yami have found themselves lost due to David’s dice magic. His luck can’t last forever, though. Moreover, keep your eyes peeled on a certain bird. These fights won’t last much longer, but we’ve yet to learn everything from the past. It’ll soon be time to explore the truth. Anyhow, that’s enough stalling for now. Enjoy the split view!





Click here for the 111th webm collection.


These battles can’t last forever. We’ll see some victors next time!

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