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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

What could these dreams mean?

A peaceful night has been met with a nightmare. Unfortunately, Melida won’t have time to decipher what she saw. As soon as she opened her eyes, it was time to head out for a planned school trip. Before Kufa and Melida could make it to St. Friedswiede, they were stopped by Rosetti. The location of their trip just so happens to be her hometown, Shangarta, and is ran by her father, Marquis Blossom Prickett. Marquis is a man renown for his engineering, though he’s lately had something even bigger on his mind. Rosetti is of suitable age and a husband has been selected for her. However, Rosetti wants no part in a arranged marriage. In order to get her father to back off, she has struck a deal with Kufa. During the trip he will pretend to be her boyfriend. Regardless of Melida’s feelings on the matter, there were bigger problems at play. Upon arriving at school, Marquis made a surprise visit. He had come to personally see his daughter’s supposed lover, although there’s one issue. It shouldn’t be possible, yet Kufa’s face resembles a boy long thought dead. Moreover, after the school assembly, a student was found unconscious. A quick investigation pointed evidence towards Kufa, though the matter wasn’t pressed any further. There’s a blue-flamed criminal on the loose.

Unlike the rest of Flandore, Shangarta is a unique sight. Due to Marquis’ years of work, he has created a lush green paradise. However, it would appear his work came with some drawbacks. Certain sections are off limits, and the townsfolk have been known to fall pray to a mysterious disease. Such a case happened right as St. Friedswiede arrived. Once a victim of the disease is confirmed, their only option appears to be death. Later on, Rosetti was able to take Kufa aside. She wanted to apologize and thank him for all he’s done thus far. During their conversation, Rosetti brought up her childhood memories. She can hardly remember a thing from the past. In fact, she can’t even remember her own family. Life began anew for her after being adopted by Marquis. Moreover, Kufa was able to make it up with Melida. A private date just for two was held. The location of said date was quite unique. When Melida asked about it, Kufa told her this wasn’t his first time in Shangarta. Nonetheless, this day couldn’t last forever. While Melida slipped into the night, she was greeted by another nightmare. Although she won’t be able to dream for long. Elise awoke her to let her know an attack had occurred. The blue-flamed criminal was at it again, and Kufa was nowhere to be found.

Our newest arc is making heavy usage of foreshadowing. While some things are more obvious than others, we’re going to let it play out. The only additional pieces to keep in mind is an exchange, the new teacher, and Melida is starting to hear voices in her head. While Kufa was escorting Melida to school, a vial filled with liquid was handed off to him. As for the new teacher, Black Madia is now being known as Laqua. Her mission remains the same, though things may get a little complicated on this trip. Anyhow, the past has begun to catch back up. Enjoy the sudden school trip!





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How long will this arc last? We’ll be back with more next Monday!

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