Azur Lane T.V. Media Review Episode 6

Let’s live a little!

Friendship may be off the table, but life goes on. Whether you’re with Azur Lane or the Crimson Axis, there’s fun to be found. It’s not all about war, and that fact is something Enterprise has begun to realize. There’s enjoyment to be found outside the battlefield. Still, their last battle came with a prize. The final Black Mental Cube sits in Azur Lane waters. They know not its purpose, yet Enterprise was able to see another side of herself while touching it. A darker side of herself appears to be a future possibility. Moreover, that cube means a lot to another soul. While only slightly mentioned in passing, Akagi has made her motivation clear. Even if it means working with the enemy, she wishes above all else to revive her dead sister, Amagi.

Episode 6 mostly contained slice of life shenanigans. The biggest slice of it was a bath scene, though there’s one problem. We’ve been hit with a lot of censorship. Now, the big question comes into play here. What’s underneath all those censors? Well, you’re going to get a couple things. Under some of them will be towels, underwear, and convenient hair placement. However, there’s a few frames that are a bit tricky. We’ll only truly know if they’re willing to push the envelop with the blu-ray release. Nonetheless, I’m pleased to see this episode contained no action. The last few showings were rough enough. Let’s hope we can get a similar episode like this during the second half. Anyhow, does size matter? Enjoy cheering on Unicorn!


I hate to call this show out for quality issues again, but… How did no one on staff catch this error with Nevada’s hair. This isn’t the first time this show has done this mistake, too. Normally you find these at the edge of frames, but this one is right in the middle.

It’s a hard call to make. The line art suggests something at least.




Click here for the 6th webm collection.


How long can we relax? We’ll be back with more next Thursday!

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