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Flip Flappers Blu-ray Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Was it all a lie?

The aftermath of the last dive into Pure Illusion has left both sides wounded. Cocona and Papika got away with minor scrapes, but they returned to Flip Flap with a hurt former foe. Yayaka continues to hang in there. Over at Asclepius, they will have little time to lick their wounds. Every last amorphous has been plucked from Pure Illusion. In order to fulfill their wish of control over Pure Illusion, an assault on Flip Flap was launched. Led by Yayaka’s former teammates, they’ve come to steal Flip Flap’s fragments. This also includes the one hidden within Cocona’s body. Unknown to her, the only reason Yayaka was always by her side was to watch over that fragment. Even though Yayaka sided with her in the end, the truth began to sting. Fortunately, Papika was right around the corner. While they evacuated the base, Yayaka stayed behind to hold off the twins. However, Cocona wasn’t ready to leave. Before this hellish day began, Papika dropped Mimi’s name once more. If they were to go any further, then Papika must tell her the truth. A memory lost to time was told to Cocona, yet she heard enough once Papika confirmed Mimi as her former partner. Believed to be just a substitute, Cocona swore everyone off. She’s had enough and she’s going home. Sadly, the lies didn’t stop there. Her grandmother greeted her back home only to reveal her true face. Surrounded by several robots from Asclepius, Cocona’s one true ally came to her aid. The individual that always showed up in her dreams, Mimi, has come to protect her daughter.

Quite a bit takes place during this episode. Among everything, the memories told by Papika should be highlighted. A meeting between Papika and Salt was held before the assault on Flip Flip. Salt has realized that Papika remembered their shared past. Back when she was called Papikana, their friendship began. Brought in as a test subject for compatibility with Mimi, Papikana initially showed no signs of being a compatible partner. Nonetheless, that all changed when she convinced Salt to get them permission to go outside. Salt’s father, the director of this whole experiment allowed it, though he didn’t expect anything. However, when Mimi saw the outside world for the first time, it was a gift she deeply thanked Papikana for. In exchange, Mimi showed Papikana a world unlike anything she dreamed of. The first established dive into Pure Illusion was confirmed, although we’re cut off at this point. Cocona may not want to hear it, but we’ll get the details soon. Anyhow, mama’s home. Enjoy a slice of the truth!





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We’re getting the family back together! Join us for another dive into the past next time.

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