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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 19

by Yumiko


Unknown to Gen, Hyoga’s plans included more than just a simple frontal assault. While he baited out their best, his second in command, Homura, infiltrated Ishigami Village. She’s burnt nearly everything in sight and made a clean escape. Now, this was the core of their plan. While the villagers fled to Senkuu’s lab, they planned on taking a hostage. Unfortunately for Hyoga, he didn’t plan on someone willingly running off on their own. Suika has played a crucial role in luring Hyoga’s troops away from the Kingdom of Science, though she headed down a familiar dangerous path. The stormy weather has blown the fairy of death out far. Fortunately, Kohaku and Senkuu were alerted in time of Suika’s heroics. They’ve arrived with gas masks in hand, and left Hyoga and his troops stranded in a tree. They may have lost the village, but the Kingdom of Science didn’t lose a single soul. The same could not be said for Hyoga’s men. Hyoga has personally seen to their permanent dismissal. Nonetheless, this isn’t a total loss for Tsukasa’s Empire. A full truthful report on the village has been given to Tsukasa. Senkuu’s life is once more in jeopardy.

Moving forward both nations will be preparing for war. In order to beat back science, Tsukasa plans to win with overwhelming numbers. An army may soon be upon Senkuu’s doorstep. Nevertheless, Senkuu has already drawn up plans on how to counter Tsukasa’s next step without any bloodshed. They plan to play an information war, though how will they do that? They’re bringing back cellular phones, and they already have two individuals on the inside. No amount of numbers can beat superior communication. Moreover, this episode dove further into Tsukasa’s ideal future when he woke up Hyoga. I won’t say he’s totally wrong, but building an empire with zero science will eventually be a death warrant. There’s just too many factors in life one can’t tough out without some advanced knowledge. Anyhow, are they being watched? Enjoy rebuilding the village!





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Can you hear me now? We begin making a cell phone next time!

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