Azur Lane T.V. Media Review Episode 5

They’re not getting away!

A blockade surrounding a abandoned island has been formed. Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Akashi have found themselves trapped from all sides, though reinforcements are inbound. In a show of force, Azur Lane has brought a large rescue fleet. While Prince of Wales led a diversionary attack, a small group broke through the blockade. Fortunately, Belfast and Cleveland made it just in time. The maids have been secured, although that’s not the only trick Azur Lane was playing. Zuikaku and Shoukaku were led on a wild chase for who they believed to be Enterprise. Unfortunately for them, Enterprise also broke through their line. The Iron Bloods sent to hunt down the maids won’t stand a chance against her. It’ll be another another forced retreat for the Crimson Axis.

While the main plot continues to chug along, there’s been a side plot going on between friends on different sides of the line. Ayanami, Javelin, and Laffey may be newly acquainted, but neither side truly wishes to fight one another. This has been especially hard on Ayanami. Torn between her duty and friendship, she has no clue how to handle Laffey’s continued calls for peace. Something gotta give, though we’re left off on a cliffhanger. Moreover, it’s become hard to ignore the amount of quality issues going on. Last week was slightly excusable, but episode 5 suffers from start to finish. This show wants to be action heavy, but it’s quite clear they’re struggling to pull that off. Nonetheless, the main attraction remains strong. Fresh lewd shots await below. Anyhow, the fog is clearing up. Enjoy another victory for Azur Lane!


I don’t normally like do this, but I’m calling it out. How do we go from no rigging…

To fully geared…

Then back to no gear.

Ignore the quality for a moment. They have corrected Helena’s pantsu color.

Also, here’s one of Sandy for future reference.

Once more, no gear on.

Then it suddenly appears! If we’re following the rules of this show, I doubt they’re recalling their ship every few minutes.




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How many retreats can we take? It’s back to headquarters next time!

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