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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

It’s a Mero episode!

Before continuing on with Chihiro’s predicament, let’s take a step back. A moment in the life of his little sister, Mero, has been unveiled. Her days are filled with housework, school, and fun with friends. Among the three, her time spent with classmates Miko and Ichie were priceless. Together they dove into the unknown world of zombies. Daily discussion about possible zombie sightings is their everything, though this topic hits close to home for Mero. Not only is she currently living with a real zombie, Mero’s only memory of her late mother reflected a very zombie-like being. That memory once more drew her to her mother’s grave. The cold touch of her mother’s hand is a feeling she’ll never forget. Consequently, Rea was close by. She had come to get closer to Mero since they were now officially living together. However, Mero could only see one thing while looking at Rea. Between their similar complexion and icy chill touch, Mero believed she was looking right at her own mother.

Episode 9 adapts a chapter ahead of the current story. A few things are changed and added in, though it’s a solid viewing throughout. In fact, this episode made me realize something about past and current anime. Even though this episode means little to the overall plot, it doesn’t suffer from any quality issues. I truthfully can’t say that for a lot of anime currently. When ever I see 3 to 5 panning shots within the first minute, I already know what I’m in for. It’s unfortunate, but the non-stop anime treadmill really is starting to show. Now, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing great airing each season. There will always be at least a single gem out of the lot. Nevertheless, let’s wrap this one up. Enjoy recounting zombie stories with Mero and friends!





Click here for the 9th webm collection.


This was only a small break in the action. We’ll be back to the plot next time!

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