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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 18

by Yumiko

Welcome to the stone wars.

Gen’s warning to Senkuu has arrived earlier than expected. The festivities have been cut short, a war band sent to conquer Ishigami Village has arrived. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop there. Gen’s warning came with additional information. One of Tsukasa’s recent revivals churned out a warrior without equal. Hyoga is his name, and Kinro has already tasted his spear. Fortunately, Hyoga and his men won’t make it further than the bridge. Once Senkuu and Gen were on scene, they put on a respectful bluff. Convinced the Kingdom of Science had produced a gun, a forced retreat was issued. However, Senkuu and Gen’s plan didn’t stop there. While Gen retreated along with Hyoga’s forces, Senkuu put his village to work. Knowing Senkuu’s gun couldn’t go off during rain, Hyoga’s men planned to return with a storm. Nonetheless, Senkuu accounted for this. Over the next three days, the Kingdom of Science produced katanas. Held by their six strongest, Hyoga’s men found all their weapons snapped in two. The same could not be said for Hyoga, though. Even a three on one wasn’t enough to stop him, although that’s where Gen comes in. Unknown to Hyoga, Gen had long determined where his loyalties lie. A sabotaged spear has left both sides at a standstill.

A tad more action than we normally see, though it’s to be expected. Tsukasa’s Empire came to claim the village, yet they’ve found out much more. Not only is Senkku alive, he’s begun to achieve what Tsukasa fears. Weapons of science are just the start, though. If Senkku plans to come out on top, then he’ll need more than just weapons. There’s another major science project right around the corner. Moreover, has the Kingdom of Science truly won this day? Hyoga’s men may be brainless, but Hyoga is a whole other case. His skilled abilities with the spear won’t be the only thing he’ll soon have to show. Anyhow, is it getting hot in here? Enjoy the stone world’s strongest weapon!





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