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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 107

by Yumiko

Back at the capital…

While those behind Asta prepare for the final stage, everyone within the Golden Dawn gathered. Nearly all of William’s handpicked knights have turned into elves, and Langris has taken control of the lot. All humans are their enemy, though a few particular souls have a higher priority. The castle containing the three royal houses have come under direct assault. Fortunately, Yami and Finral weren’t far behind. They’ve come to protect the king, though they needed a hand just getting inside. Even the most unremarkable of elves put up a challenge. Thankfully, another captain has shown up to the party. Jack the Ripper has aided in slicing open a path, yet they’re going to need more than three to hold this castle. Reinforcements from the remains of the Royal Knights have arrived just in time. Three teams were quickly formed to protect the castle, but one house has already turned into a bloodbath. Within the Silva home, Letoile’s compass magic has already pushed Solid and Nebra to the ground. Nonetheless, the Silva household is home to four siblings. Nozel and Noelle are on scene, but Letoile remains firmly in control of the battle.

The Royal Knights weren’t the only ones to show up at the capital. Licht and his rock full of elves were right behind them. They’ve started causing some havoc of their own, but they have much bigger plans in play. There’s a few more faces that must make it to the party first. Moreover, we’ll get to see the fights in the other royal houses. Focus will be giving to house Silva first, but our eyes shall soon be over on house Kira. Noelle isn’t the only sibling that has something to prove. Anyhow, Noelle’s time to shine is right around the corner. Enjoy a break from the boonies!





Click here for the 107th webm collection.


How about a new spell? Let’s push our limits next Tuesday!

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Yumiko (@guest_2645)
4 years ago

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a comment for Black Clover on here. I’m happy to read about your excitement for this show, and do let me know in the future.

xWaRpeDx (@guest_2644)
4 years ago

Freaking awesome episode and it got me even more excited for next week! Let’s go Royal House of Silva!!