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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Care to dance?

The children of the Angel household have longed for this day. Not only is a two day festival right around the corner, they will get to represent their school with pride. However, Kufa has been recalled to the Holy Monarch District. It was Melida’s hope to share a dance with him by the bonfire, though he won’t be gone for long. As soon as he returns, he promised to be right by her side. Unfortunately, Kufa’s departure was taken advantage of. Melida being able to use mana wasn’t enough for Lord Mordrew. He knows she’s no Paladin and has contacted another guild to fix this error. Grimfice, the guild that tampered with Kufa’s original mission was sent in. While Lord Mordrew used his influence to change the guard routes, Grimfice kidnapped Elise and Melida. Their mission was to perform a risky operation on Melida to forcefully change her class, yet they won’t get a chance. Even with her mana sealed away, Melida fought back at every turn. Fortunately, the time she bought was enough for eyes to notice two very important daughters were missing. Both their teachers have come running, but saving them wasn’t enough for Kufa. The one that got away last time, William Jin, experienced a private duel he’ll never forget. At the cost of showing his true face, Kufa has made quite the bargain to ensure Melida’s future. As long as William’s false report is bought by his client, a half-vampire has won the night.

During the ensuing struggle, a number of important details were brought up. First, Elise fears the very monsters she was raised to defeat. Even though she’s a paladin, it was Melida that did all the fighting. This has in turn begun to repair their relationship, though a number of heavy pressures remain. There are those that are heavily backing Elise to be the next head of the family. Furthermore, Rosetti’s synergy with Kufa may seem minor, but it should be given special attention. Prior to this battle, her ability to work with others was non-existent. Many of her fellow guild mates never trusted her to watch their back. Moreover, this episode revealed a number of racial mixtures. Jin is a half-ghoul and Kufa is a half-vampire. Though they both fall under being lycanthrope, a vampire stands at the very top. Additionally, the conversation these two wasn’t only about falsifying reports. Jin warned Kufa of what his future held if he continued down this path. One day, Melida may become his hunter. Nevertheless, Kufa has proudly proclaimed he’ll risk it all for her. Even if that day comes to past, he’ll give her his neck.

Kufa can’t fool them all. His guild has found too many troubling details with his most recent report. Moving forward, White Night will have another agent on the scene. Unknown to Kufa and Melida, they’re being watched by Black Madia. If it’s determined Kufa has betrayed them, then he will be eliminated. Anyhow, the festival must go on. Enjoy a dance just for two!





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There’s no rest to this night. We’ll be back for more next Monday.

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