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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

Package received!

Byakuya’s insane plan to bring back all 7 billion people is accepted by his crew mates. They’ll return to Earth, though everything doesn’t go as planned. Nonetheless, Byakuya won’t allow a single one of his friends to perish due to his plan. Even if it means rowing alone for hours, he’ll come to their aid. Once everyone was united on a small island, an investigation was launched to find any potential survivors. However, just like they saw from above, everyone was turned to stone. Over the next few years couples were formed, children were born, and cherished memories were collected. Unfortunately, the good times were never meant to last. During those years, Byakuya saw his friends disappear either to illness or nature. Nevertheless, he never lost sight of his grand plan. The creation of the 100 tales and Ishigami Village were all for this purpose. He may never see his own plan completed, although he knew one day his genius of a son would awaken. When that moment finally arrives, Byakuya’s final gift to his son will be waiting. It may have taken thousands of years, but Senkuu has heard his father’s final moments. Through a tale that survived through all odds, Senkuu has tearfully accepted his father’s gift. Backed by the inhabitants of Ishigami Village, a single man dares to take on the impossible.

This was without a doubt a heartfelt moment for Senkuu, though his work is just getting started. He’ll have little time to mourn for his father, because war is coming his way. Gen’s sudden arrival wasn’t just to collect on Senkuu’s promise. Tsukasa has learned of the truth, and his army will soon be descending upon the Kingdom of Science. Regardless of this news, Senkuu is more excited than ever. The true power behind science has yet to be seen. Anyhow, let’s keep on pushing forward. Enjoy the long awaited gift!





Click here for the 17th webm collection.


We’ve got a war to prepare for. Join us for the start of a new arc next time!

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Yumiko (@guest_2682)
4 years ago

I know no one is keeping count, but today’s posting marks the 1,000th post here. It may seem like another drop in the bucket, though I’m proud to have reached this far. Here’s hoping we reach another 1,000 in the future!