Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 3

A top secret mission?

Online he’s known as the one who steals souls, but in the real world he’s simply a security contractor. One day, Gabriel Miller suddenly found himself before a most peculiar mission. His company, Glowgen Defense System, had been directly approached by the National Security Agency. Fearing an upset in power within east Asia, the United States government plotted an end to Rath. If their technology was fully developed, then there’s no telling what the future would hold. His mission was simply to steal Alice from the Ocean Turtle, though matters have gotten complicated. A full system lock down has forced his crew to think outside the box. The only way to secure Alice’s Lightcube would be by diving into Underworld. Fortunately, those working at Rath forget to lock two very important accounts. Emperor Vector and his Dark Knight have finally awoken. Unfortunately, their sudden movements don’t come as good news to everyone working within the Dark Territory. News of Quinella’s death had reached one of the ten lords controlling the Dark Territory. Viksul Ur Shasta, leader of the Order of Dark Knights, and his subordinate, Lipia Zankale, were plotting for peace with the Human Empire. Sadly, that may never become a reality. Gabriel didn’t become Emperor Vector to pursue peace. He’s here to obtain Alice, no matter the cost.

Those within the Sub Control Room haven’t been standing idle. The lock down also hit them heavily, yet they do have a few advantages. A clear plan ahead has been pieced together, and they have access to high level accounts within the Human Empire. Nevertheless, diving into Underworld currently comes with a high risk. The final load test has begun, thus the war between both nations is inevitable. Regardless of the situation at hand, Asuna has readily volunteered to dive into Underworld. In order to save Kirito and escort Alice safely to Word End’s Altar, she’ll brave hell and back. Moreover, before diving in, Asuna contacted all her friends. They’ve been fully informed of the current situation and are on standby. Reinforcements may be called upon at anytime. Anyhow, we’ve got new arrivals on the war front. Enjoy the numerous plans in motion!





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Things are starting to get very interesting. Stay tuned for another one next Saturday!

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