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Azur Lane T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Meanwhile in the Sakura Empire…

Akagi’s fleet has finally reached safe harbor. Welcomed home by numerous familiar faces, everything is looking up for the Crimson Axis. However, before Akagi can settle in, she must report back in on Project Orochi. Believed to be the shining hope for the future, Nagato hesitantly approves of Akagi’s progress. Unfortunately, Akagi had another superior to face. Unknown to most, Akagi is doing more than just using Siren technology. She is in cahoots with the Siren known as Observer. Additionally, her Black Cube was doing more than just controlling Siren ships. She’s been collecting energy across each battle to fuel a new ship. This ship is the core of Project Orochi, though its true purpose isn’t the hope their empire had in mind. Nonetheless, the cat is out of the bag. A member of Sakura Empire, Akashi, and two spies sent from the Royal Navy saw everything. They’ve taken Akagi’s Black Cube, although, this isn’t necessarily the end for her. While in the clutches of Azur Lane, they’ll begin to fuel the last cube she needs. A final confrontation for power is right around the corner.

Episode 4 wasn’t all about the Sakura Empire. If you’re curious about what happened on the other end, then Belfast has taken control of Enterprise’s life. Her reckless nature is finally being roped in. It all starts with a healthy meal each day. Moreover, the two rescued ships from Dragon Empery have given a full report. They’ve confirmed high-class Sirens are at play. The seas are about to get more dangerous than ever before. Anyhow, prepared to see another set of new faces? Enjoy the beauty of the empire!





Click here for the 4th webm collection.


Just barely made it. We’re back in safe waters next time!

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Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2685)
4 years ago

Of course.

Yumiko (@guest_2684)
4 years ago

Episode 4 was largely done by a single person in charge and a number of assistants. It shows, but I do feel a little bit of polish would of made this an excellent episode. Let’s hope they touch it up in the blu-ray release.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2683)
4 years ago

This time there were ups and downs in terms of animation quality.But still beautiful!