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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko

Look to the stars for answers.

While countless generations lived within Ishigami Village, how did it all begin? Ruri’s role as village priestess wasn’t simply to be a story teller. Among the 100 stories handed down to each priestess, there was one that always stood out. The 100th story was titled Senkuu Ishigami. Ever since meeting Senkuu in the flesh, she knew it was more than just a story. However, she never had a chance to confront him about this until being cured. Finally released from her illness, an unforgettable tale has been told before the Kingdom of Science. This particular tale is narrated by Senkuu’s father, Byakuya, and how he came to found Ishigami Village.

Similar to Senkuu, his father also had a love science. They both dreamed of reaching the stars. Byakuya may not of had the same drive as his son, but his son’s passion for science pushed him forward. A single failure would not keep him back from his dream. Although it took a handful of years to get another chance, Byakuya became a astronaut. During his mission upon the International Space Station, he was accompanied by Connie, Shamil, Dalia, Yakov, and Lillian Weinburg. These six enjoyed quite some time together. Unfortunately, their peace was suddenly broken one day. After witnessing Earth being surrounded in a green light, they scrambled to get a grasp on the situation. Everywhere they looked, the people had been turned into stone. Nonetheless, there was no time to panic. Byakuya won’t accept this as the end of humanity. He’s sworn an impossible mission for six, yet this is no time to back down. They’re returning to Earth to save all 7 billion people.

A number of questions have been answered with this tale, though many still remain. If nothing else, everyone should know understand how the village began, and where all their physical features come from. Now, this tale isn’t over. Just how will the 6 remaining humans combat this near impossible mission? We’ll see how well they fared on Earth real soon. Anyhow, it’s a tale for the ages. Enjoy meeting the man that started it all!





Click here for the 16th webm collection.

This tale from the past isn’t over yet. We’ve got more to come next week!

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