Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 2

She’s back!

Since returning to Rulid Village, Alice never told a soul about her true punishment. Unfortunately, she’ll have no time to mess around. If she wants to save her family from the raid, then Alice Synthesis Thirty must take command. A full evacuation has been issued, though a single knight was left behind. However, Alice is more than enough. These goblins and orcs never stood a chance. Nonetheless, this raid was just a sign of things to come. If Alice truly wishes to protect her family, then she must return to the capital. Until the minions of the Dark Territory are dealt with, peace will never return to these lands.

Up in the real world, there’s good and bad news to be found. The assault upon the Ocean Turtle has come to a standstill. Asuna and those around her were able to successfully escape to the Sub Control Room. The Main Control Room and the Lightcube cluster was secured in the process, too. Unfortunately, the good news stop there. The mysterious group that attacked them didn’t arrive simply to cause havoc. They’ve come to steal Alice’s Lightcube, and waiting around will do them no good. No reinforcements are coming to save them. Strings from behind the scene are waiting to see which side secures Alice’s Lightcube first. Now, since the cluster is locked down on the topside, there’s only one way each side can obtain Alice. They must dive into Underworld and manually eject her. Furthermore, they can no longer count on Kirito. Since the power surge, a crucial circuit in his fluctlight was damaged. Where his own self-image should be, there is only a hole. Nevertheless, Asuna hasn’t given up on him. There’s another STL right by Kirito’s side. Anyhow, prepared to say good-bye once more? Enjoy one last sight of Rulid Village!







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