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Azur Lane T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

A maid’s duty never ends.

Belfast’s timely arrival was one thing, but reinforcements from the Royal Navy has forced a full retreat. Those working under the Crimson Axis have been thwarted once again. However, this all came at a rather large cost. One of Azur Lane’s most powerful assets, Enterprise, is heading down a reckless path. She won’t rest or wait for repairs. When ever battle calls, she’s first to hit the waters. In order to help remedy this problem, Illustrious and Prince of Wales reached out to Queen Elizabeth for help. While they don’t share the same nation, they are allies in this fight. She’s sent Belfast to observe how Enterprise lives, though she only found trouble at every turn. Even directly confronting Enterprise about her eventual future doesn’t stir her. Unfortunately, their chat was interrupted by a sudden distress call. Two light cruisers from the Dragon Empery had come under Siren attack. Once more, Enterprise was first to sortie. Thankfully, Belfast was behind her the entire time. Eagle Union’s most decorated ship has begun to crumble. Nonetheless, another save is all apart of a maid’s duty. Watching Enterprise from afar and up close has come with a side effect, though. Belfast has become quite interested in Enterprise, and now wishes to train her back onto the correct path.

Episode 3 introduced a new nation to the show. The Dragon Empery has entered the spotlight along with their two most popular vessels. However, I doubt Ning Hai and Ping Hai will be playing any major parts moving forward. This has mainly been Enterprise’s story thus far. Moreover, we’ve been treated to somewhat of a beach episode. I can’t say it was the best or worst, but at least we got to see some more skin. Anyhow, it was only a brief break. Enjoy the double rescue!





Click here for the 3rd webm collection.


Will we be in for some repairs next time? It can’t all be about war.

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