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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 104

by Yumiko

He couldn’t resist!

Among the numerous bodies that were taken over, Luck was among them. Unfortunately, Rufel couldn’t wait till Licht’s group reached the capital. He’s left them behind to have a little fun on his own. Fortunately, Magna and Vanessa were close to his destination. The commotion had them flying towards the action, though they could hardly believe who was behind it all. Rufel was kind enough to catch them up to speed, but they don’t intend on leaving their friend behind. Even if they have to beat him senseless, Luck is still in their fighting. Still, fate nor fire was enough to break his lightning. An elf empowered Luck is not to be taken lightly. While Vanessa’s magic couldn’t stop him directly, it can pull in one who may save the day. Asta’s arrival has not only changed fate, it enabled the Black Bulls to do what they do best. Teamwork has taken down Rufel, yet the job isn’t over.

It may have taken three, but that’s how things will be moving forward. This is an entire nation fighting for survival. Also, we can’t reach the capital until we’ve got the whole team. Anti-magic alone can’t solve every problem. Moreover, we’re back to a slightly decent pace, well at least for the anime. Even with that said, we might dip back down next week. They loaded up the action here, so prepare thyself. Anyhow, has there ever been a elf to go down easy? Enjoy bending fate!


The manga had Vanessa only in her undergarments and robe for the next handful of chapters. However, we’re probably not going to get that in the anime. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. At the very least, they gave us something.




Click here for the 104th webm collection.


It’s going to take a bit more than just the power of friendship. Luck shall be ours next time!

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