Date A Live II Blu-ray Media Review Episode 1

There’s always consequences.

Origami is back up on her feet, though her actions haven’t been forgiven. However, she’ll only receive a light sentence. During her sentencing, an unexpected face came to her aid. Isaac Westcott, the head of DEM Industries, has smiled favorably towards her. It will only be two months before she’s back on duty. Furthermore, it has been a month since Shido and Origami last spoke. In order to settle past matters, a meeting between the two was planned. While Origami wishes to believe in Shido’s words, there’s something that’s begun to trouble her. Is Shido a human? If it turns out he’s a Spirit, then they may one day become enemies. Now, as far as Shido knows, he’s fully human. He only has his own words to back him up, though it will be enough for Origami. Moreover, the sudden arrival of Westcott wasn’t just for show. Those behind Westcott have been working tirelessly in the background. If it’s Shido’s goal to save all the Spirits, then there’s naturally to be an opposing force. That force has finally arrived, and Westcott’s plan has begun. He’s sent in the world’s strongest wizard, Ellen Mira Mathers, to capture Tohka.

The majority of this episode is anime original. However, this episode set the stage for the future. Not only have we met the main antagonist of the show, we’ve been led right into the next arc. The school trip won’t be just a time to relax. There’s a strange storm brewing around Arubi Island. Shido will soon be experiencing double the trouble. Additionally, a hint for another Spirit down the line was given. How do you feel about idols? Lastly, it should be noted that season 2 is the introduction of our first studio change. Production IMS dished out a very rough televised product. Fortunately, once the blu-rays rolled out we were treated to additional scenes and numerous touch ups. It’s been a while since I’ve properly dove into season 2, so we’ll see just how much was changed for the better. Anyhow, these reviews truly take over next year. Enjoy just a touch of originality!




Episode 1:






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