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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

It’s a lesson in love!

Thanks to Ais and Bell’s quick thinking, Hestia was saved. They’ve taken up shelter in a mountain village, though the coast isn’t clear yet. The Ares Familia could still be searching for them, and Hestia needs time to recover. During their stay, Bell got to know a piece of the Mayor’s history. Long ago, he too use to be an adventurer. Unfortunately, the loving days he spent with his Goddess came to a sudden end. Sacrificing her own life for his, the Mayor swore to never forget the love they had together. Even upon his deathbed, his love never faltered. Consequently, this whole recent string of events started because of love troubles. Bell just doesn’t know how to feel towards his Goddess. Love between mortals and gods is just a speck of time, after all. Regardless of his conflicting feelings, Hestia has promised to stay by Bell’s side in this life and the next. It doesn’t matter if he forgets her once he’s reborn, she’ll always care for Bell.

Was that it? The Ares Familia has been successfully taken care of, and the trio was able to return home safely. However, during all this commotion, a unique monster has spawned into the dungeon. This may be the end of season 2, but season 3 has been confirmed for Summer 2020. We’ve got plenty more Bell to come, though let’s focus upon season 2 for now. Our two biggest arcs dealt with the Apollo Familia and the Ishtar Familia. War was definitely the biggest running theme of this season, and there was plenty of spoils to be had. The biggest winner of them all was the Hestia Familia. We saw them gain a new home and several members. They’re on the come up without a doubt, but war wasn’t the only thing we learned of this season. We were given several hints towards the future. Bell may be a mere adventurer right now, yet he may one day be sporting the title of a hero. Moreover, my expectations with J.C. Staff have been rather low lately. Recent productions have been rough, although they held it together here. I won’t say it was as good as season 1, but it was still solid. Even this final arc held its own. One can’t go wrong focusing upon Bestia.

Prior to the creation of Anime Solution, I reviewed season 1 elsewhere. Back when this show first aired, it had a hype that could be felt all around the anime sphere. Unfortunately, a 4 year break between seasons doesn’t carry a hype forward. It also doesn’t help that season 2 didn’t really focus upon what made this show big. Nevertheless, I’m still happy to get more Bell and Hestia. A 7/10 will serve this season well enough. Let’s just hope they add a bit more flavor to the story next season, or just more Hestia in general. Anyhow, ready for next summer? Enjoy the trip back home!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


And the story goes on… Join us for new adventures next season!

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Custom (@guest_2733)
4 years ago

You’re welcome.

Yumiko (@guest_2732)
4 years ago

Didn’t know about the OVA. Thanks for letting me know, and I’ll be on the look out for it.

Custom (@guest_2731)
4 years ago

This season wasn’t good as the first but at least better than Sword Oratoria. Alongside the upcoming third season, there will be an beach OVA coming out in January of next year.