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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 103

by Yumiko

What magic is this?

After taking a hold of his newest blade, Asta’s prayers have been answered. The Demon-Destroyer Sword is able to root out any embedded magic. Those inflicted by poison have been saved, though the root of the problem remained. The elf standing before them could hardly believe his eyes. Not only was a fellow elven soul fighting against him, but so was one of Licht’s blades. Unable to handle the scene before him, an all to familiar magic started to leak out. However, Asta won’t let him cross that line. Before the worst could happen, Asta’s newest blade was put to the test. Even reincarnation magic is no match against this sword. Nonetheless, Asta and Yuno won’t have much time to spend with family. Elf attacks are happening all around them, and they have a duty to uphold. Still, it’s a long way to the capital. In order to stop as many elves on the way as possible, they’ve split up. Although Asta may be going off alone, he’ll be greeted by a familiar face soon.

There’s good and bad news to be had. As always, let’s start with the bad. Episode 103 could be a telling sign of things to come. This episode hardly covered a single chapter of content. I know we’re catching up with the manga, but this is starting to drag out. Hopefully our next elf encounter isn’t so lengthy. Moreover, those taken over by reincarnation magic can be saved. The magic knight that assaulted Hage was completely fine after a blow from Asta. Nevertheless, that knight had some interesting news to report back. The elf soul that had taken him over did not wish for revenge. Something truly sinister is lurking behind this whole plot. Anyhow, ready to save the next village? Enjoy a new taste of anti-magic!


OP: The new opening actually spoils a lot, so I’m not including images of everything.


Episode 103:






Click here for the 103th webm collection.


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