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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

A return to normalcy, at last.

After putting forth their best, it still wasn’t enough. Heartless was able to escape at the very last moment. However, his escape came with a cost. Karabo did not make it. Nonetheless, Lord El-Melloi II and Gray shall soon be seeing better days. The train ride may be over, but life goes on. New friends have been made, Lord El-Melloi II’s students are on the rise, and this case isn’t truly closed. Still, one fear remains within Gray. Even after recent events, will Lord El-Melloi II seek to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War? Well, the young lord has come to a realization. His desire to reunite with Iskandar was a selfish one. Life has brought him down his own path, and he can’t stand beside Iskandar quite yet. Stopping Heartless and attending to his students comes first. Nevertheless, he can’t do it alone. Once more Gray’s assistance has been asked for, and she’ll happily stand by her teacher’s side.

I’ll be honest, this wasn’t an ideal spot to leave events off on. Using the warm happy ending, then making it seem like things will continue on just doesn’t cut it here. Due to the source material being over, it’s unlikely this will see another season. So, the current case shall forever remain open. Furthermore, I underestimated how much background knowledge one must know to keep up with these cases. Unless you know every detail when it comes to the Fate franchise, then you’ll be looking up a few things each episode. It also didn’t help how much they were trying to force Grand Order in this, but that’s a whole other case. In spite of all that, I came into this show purely for one thing. Gray’s beauty captured me since episode 0 and continues to do so. In fact, the strongest point of Case Files is its characters. The leading cast was filled with energy. Even if Waver could get a little grumpy at times, they all worked together flawlessly.

While I can’t say anything remarkable about the show as a whole, Troyca didn’t do anything bad. Even the anime original episodes didn’t suffer. There was a set standard from start to finish, and I’ll always be thankful for that. As such, a 7/10 is most fair here. Just keep in mind this anime isn’t very beginner friendly. You may find yourself pulling up the wiki with this one. Additionally, if by some miracle we get another season, I’ll highly consider continuing this project. There’s never enough Gray to go around. Anyhow, a boy has grown into a man. Enjoy another class with Lord El-Melloi II!





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This world is filled with mysteries. So, will we ever solve another case?

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