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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 102

by Yumiko

We’re losing him!

Asta and Yuno’s arrival means the village is saved, though the same cannot be said for its inhabitants. The poison inflicted upon them has taken root, and Asta’s basic anti-magic isn’t enough for the job. As all hope began to slip away, Asta’s third sword revealed itself to him. While he has no clue what power lies within this blade, he’s willing to risk it all. The man that raised him is only minutes away from joining the night.

Episode 102 is for the most part a flashback. There’s new content mixed into it, and I’ve covered it all below. However, among the new bits, a glimpse of the past was shown. Those few frames hold the truth that everyone has been chasing. We’re not far off from seeing what took place 500 years ago on one fateful night. Anyhow, this was only a small break. Enjoy the newest blade!





Click here for the 102nd webm collection.


We’ve only been given a glimpse. A dive into the past is right around the corner.

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