Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka II T.V. Media Review Episode 11

Where has Hestia gone?

The Ares Familia has grown restless once again. War has descended upon Orario, though there’s one major problem. Those under Ares are all cannon fodder. Every familia living outside of Orario knows how difficult it is to climb the leveling ladder. Unfortunately, Ares never quite got the message. War is the only thing running through his mind. Nevertheless, even a muscle-head can think of a plan. In order to get Orario to submit to his demands, he’s planned a kidnapping. They’ll have no choice once a god or goddess has been taken hostage. Now, normally his plan would never work. The gods and goddesses residing in Orario are forbidden from leaving the city walls. Unfortunately, a falling out between Bell and Hestia, and the excitement of the war allowed for a slip up. Hestia’s love tantrum has found herself kidnapped at the hands of Ares. Fortunately, the adventurers of Orario weren’t far behind. Asfi, Ais, and Bell have formed a team to take back Hestia. Still, the unfamiliar terrain and bad weather put a hinder on the rescue operation. Dealing with Ares and his men were one thing, but watching Hestia fall into the unknown has forced Ais and Bell to jump after her.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t too bad. All the major points were touched upon during this episode, even though events are happening quite fast. Let’s just hope they can tie it up nicely with one last episode. Additionally, if you’re wondering what Bell’s eventual endgame will be, then it’s to be a hero. Saving Haruhime was only the first step. The promised hero from Orario has only just gotten started, so don’t expect any dragon slaying soon. Moreover, Haruhime has become an official member of the Hestia Familia. Not only that, we’ve learned she was never a prostitute. She may never realize it, but she’s as pure as white snow. Anyhow, we’ve got a goddess to save. Enjoy the beginning of the end!





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