Anime Solution Turns 2!

It seemed so far away, but somehow we’ve made it.

I’ve been thinking about this post for several weeks now, and it wasn’t an easy one. In fact, no post here was done with ease. Everyday brings a new challenge, though most are doable. Regardless, let’s get some focus here. We’ve got some good and bad matters to discuss, but also the future!


The bad:

Our fall 2019 season is likely to be light compared to previous seasons. Whether you recognize this or not, I’ve been going a little over 2 years without a day of rest. Most of my days are working on this website for 16 hours, then sleeping, then repeating it all over again the next day. So, this has led to a lot of mental and physical fatigue. I’m honestly surprised I can still make the daily post without flopping over. What I’m basically getting at here is, rest is a must. If I crash, well Anime Solution is finished. This is a solo flight, after all.

Over the course of my time crafting Anime Solution, I’ve observed two growing problems. First, some shows require way more work than others. These shows take quadruple the amount of time, and it’s not really fair. If show A is taking me 18 hours to finish, then Show B is going to suffer tomorrow. However, if show B and C also take 18 hours, then it creates a domino effect. This can easily be seen this season, and I’m going to try to prevent this from happening again. Tackling on 12 shows in a week is just too much. Moreover, we’ve started to become Sequel Solution. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you go into a new season with several days already filled, it leads to little new opportunities. So, moving forward we may have to drop some of these never ending shows. Black Clover is the only exception to this. There’s no stopping those reviews now.


The Good:

This will be a lot easier to say than the bad. July and August were our biggest months ever. It only took nearly splitting me in half, but I’m happy to see so many eyes. Everyone who continues to support Anime Solution, this one is for you. Whether you’re the individual who likes or shares all our social media posts, comments in the daily posts, contacts me with kind words and requests, or you’re here to simply lurk, I’m thankful for you all. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you’re all champions. I hope to see you all here for many future anime seasons.


The Future:

Let’s start this one off with how things are shaping up next season…

Monday – open

Tuesday – Black Clover (Nothing can share a day with Black Clover anymore. Having it split time with 2 shorts this season was already a mistake. We’re nearly at the climax, and I wish to give it the work it deserves. It will likely take 2 seasons worth of time to get there, though.)

Wednesday – open

Thursday – Azur Lane ( If you didn’t see this one coming, then you haven’t been paying attention.)

Friday – Dr. Stone (Since this is a two cour show, the story must go on!)

Saturday- SAO S3 P2 ( I’m not dropping something we’ve only done half of. I hope you’re all ready for the return of our most beloved reviews!)

Sunday – open


Among those opens, one of them has to go back to blu-ray reviews. Towards the end of this season, they kinda got pushed off due to various circumstances, but I intend to keep my word from the start of the year. As for the other two opens, one will likely be a rest day. The other is open for a request. If there’s any show you truly would like to see on here, then don’t hesitate to let me know. Now, with that said, there’s a number of shows I can’t review next season. Fall 2019 is dominated by sequels, and I haven’t watched a lot of them. Nonetheless, let me know what you’re interested in seeing stitched up. Just take it a bit easy.

There’s still plenty more that should go here, but I don’t want to cut into anymore review time. Finishing up summer 2019 is going to take every last drop of energy I’ve got. So, I look forward to hearing back from everyone. Remember, you can contact me in the comments below, or any of our social media accounts. Thank you for choosing Anime Solution!


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