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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

It’s all been a fake.

The “Caules” standing before Lord El-Melloi II put up a near perfect act, but he made one mistake. When Lord El-Melloi II’s life was on the line, the healing he received was something the real Caules could not pull off. Not only that, a number of deals were made in the background. Adashino and Lord El-Melloi II were working together all this time to lure out the culprit. Having the real Caules along with Reines arrive only cemented matters further. In the face of so much overwhelming evidence, Dr. Heartless dropped the act. The previous head of Modern Magecraft Theory, has admitted his guilt. He is the thief and mastermind behind everything. Those that have fallen over the years were only collateral, though only to achieve his goal. His own version of the Holy Grail has been completed, and it was all thanks to Lord El-Melloi II’s presence. The pieces he needed were all in place, yet he won’t be getting away with it. When a retreat was issued, Hephaestion defied orders. A single insult hurled by Lord El-Melloi II put everything on the line. Fortunately, Lord El-Melloi II planned a number of countermeasure for this battle. Still, even a fake Servant can put up a fight. After using everything in his arsenal, Lord El-Melloi II leaves the final blow to Gray. Vowing proudly to protect her teacher, Rhongomyniad has been unleashed upon Hephaestion and her Master.

It may have taken everyone we’ve met along the way, but he’s done it. Lord El-Melloi II’s treasure has been restored to his side. Well, he technically stole it too, though who’s really counting. Everyone just wants a piece of Iskandar’s Mantle. Moreover, while Hephaestion is a fake Servant, it should be understood that she was real. She worked as Iskandar’s double, though was never allowed to stand by his side. Her purpose was merely to take on his curses. Lastly, our final episode is likely to be an epilogue of sorts. There’s nothing of value left on Rail Zeppelin after recent events. Anyhow, we’ve yet to see the aftermath of the battle. Enjoy the action atop the train!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


The ride is over, but there’s still a few words left to be said. Join us for the finale next Sunday!

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