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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

What’s the next step?

Senkuu’s in need of a lab, but first he’ll need a number of tools. No chemist would be caught without the essentials, though finding glass is a rarity in the stone world. As such, the Kingdom of Science has set out in search of quartz sand. After securing a healthy supply, Senkuu’s first task was to help Suika. Her so called uselessness was only due to her nearsightedness. In order to remedy this problem, the first pair of glasses in the stone world has been forged. Now, creating glasses is one thing, but creating an entire lab kit is a whole other matter. Senkuu is no craftsman, after all. However, Chrome knew an old man that could help them with their task. Kaseki, the artisan of the village, wanted nothing to do with sorcery at first. That would all change once he saw them blowing glass. His nimble fingers knew better, and he was certainly the man for the job. Senkuu’s 2nd lab in the stone world has been completed.

While the scientists are making great strides, the same cannot be said for the fighters. Kinro and Ginro just can’t keep up with Kohaku. However, in Kinro’s case, he’s a lot stronger than most know. It may appear like he’s hesitating in practice, but his own set of eyes are holding him back. He shares a similar issue with Suika, although he’ll never openly admit it to the group. There’s just some things men will never say. Regardless, Ginro suggests to the group another way to help improve their combat skills. A silver spear for him and a golden one for his brother shall do. Unfortunately, if he wants silver, then he’ll have to risk his life for it. The next step in the road map coincides with Ginro’s desire. Anyhow, the Kingdom of Science continues to grow. Enjoy the new lab!





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We’re on the fast track now. It’s getting deadly next week.

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